Saturday, March 2, 2019

We Play The Tunes! You Do The Dancin'!

Someone will probably just sit at home tonight :-/
Since they've come to know the Eagles Lodge in Aurora, and us "The Southern Country Band", and they've also become an important part of the Awesome Saturday Night Crowd over the past couple of years, we're thinkin' that at some point this evening, they'll be wonderin' just what the hell they're missing out on :-)
We'll be missing you too!
It's a beautiful thing to look out from the stage and see a great crowd having a good time! We have fun, they have fun, and the club owner & staff are havin' fun too! Rakin' It In!
You have a tune you want to hear? Yell it at us! We'll give it, or something like it, a shot, and try to land somewhere in the vicinity!
We are looking forward to the "Crap" the usual Saturday Night Crowd gives us! That's what it's all about! That's what makes it fun! That's also the beauty of a "House Band". People get comfortable with the band, and the atmosphere as a whole!(Not a "Hole"!).
Why is there always some dude who wants to hear "Free Bird"?